Mike Ottink 1966

Based Amsterdam, Netherlands




-Art Rotterdam 2020, Galerie Frank Taal,Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam

-Tuning#5, VHSUHF Oscillator ensemble, Neverneverland, Amsterdam

-‘Abstract Realism or Algorithmic Magic’ Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam

-‘Unlocked/Reconnected, currated art exposure event (via G.F.T.) online




-‘Architecture of Art’, group show, Galerie Frank Taal Rotterdam

-‘The Frankies choise#1’, group show, Galerie Frank Taal Rotterdam

-Galery viewer, solo drawing exhibition (via G.F.T. ) online

-‘VHSUHF noise improvSotu festival/radio patapoe Occii with Brian D. McKenna Amsterdam




-‘Parking Lot#4’ release night exposing the tote bag and release the VHSUHF Flexi Recording, Tettenrode, Amsterdam.

-‘Maydays' at The Warp, Noise Performances, with Andre Avelas & Brian Mckenna, De Kunstkapel, Amsterdam

-'Nonwovens' duo performance, with Andre Avelas, Occii/Radio Patapoe, Amsterdam.

-‘w Serves Imperialism’ W139 groupshow with time sequenced screen to noise installations and performances Amsterdam.




-‘Analytic Overlay’ solo show, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam. (the show also contained a performance and mixed media installation by VHSUHF)

-‘Entropy Entropy Entropy’, Group show Dead Darling Collective at Museum Foam, Amsterdam

-‘Magic party discoteque’, Audio-performance, vhsuhf, Parking Lot#3 pre-release, Occii Amsterdam.




-’Preconscious Processing’ Amsterdam Drawing art fair, solo at Frank Taal galery booth, sept 2016

-‘Welcome to the superdrone and the oscillating big band’ VHSUHF +GJ Prins, Mark Bain Andre Avelas, Occii Amsterdam,

-Amusing ourselves to death’ group show, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam




-‘Your call is very important to us’ Parking Lot Presents, 3 hour radio show hosted by Brian D. McKenna, Mark Bain, Mike Ottink, Red light radio, sept 2015. (upcoming)

-‘Parking Lot’ Artist-Magazine edition#1, curated by Katerina Karamigianni. Contribution, ‘Notes and quotes on the fabric of reality’ and noise performance(vhsuhf), Paradiso Amsterdam May 2015.

-‘Reverse Causality’ duo show (with Ties Ten Bosch), Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam.


-‘Entropy and the Grid,’ group show, Non Fiction, Amsterdam.

‘The great last minute art fair, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam,.

-‘ABBA-art books by artists’ curated by Sodom&Gomorrah, Vondelbunker Amsterdam.

-‘Figure That’ group show, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam. ‘Kopstukken’ group show, Het huis met de hoofden, Amsterdam.

-‘Connected 010-020’ group show, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam.



-‘Small Works’ group show, RAM-Foundation, Rotterdam.

-‘Implicate Order’ solo show, galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam.

-‘Flamingos and Hedgehogs’ group show, by Collectief Ondergrond, Amsterdam.

-‘Time to recollect’ string resonance performance, ‘vhsuhfStadthausgalerie Kunsthalle, Munster.




-‘You Killed the Underground Film or the Real Meaning of Kunst bleibt... bleibt...’ new improvised noise-audio to Wilhelm Hein’s film, (with John Dykeman) Sly Propotter (Lost Property), Amsterdam.

-‘Figure This’ group show, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam.

-‘Under the Weather’, ‘routinely risking destruction for the sake of narrow gainsaudio installation, Bunker-NDSM-werf, Amsterdam.

-‘Remote Resistance’ electro-acoustic noise performance ‘Museum Nacht 2012’ (with Brian McKenna and Andre Avelas) Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam.




-‘Attraction of the Opposites’ groupshow, curated by Kiki Petratou, Cucosa, Rotterdam.

-‘Thuis’ group show at Frank Taal’s home domain, during Art Rotterdam.

-‘Nestwerk’ group show, curated by Jabu Arnell, Rooftop Kraaienest, Amsterdam.

 -‘Noise Spectra’, ‘Alchemic conceptual diy strings’ electro-accoustic audio-visual performance, Das Spectrum, Utrecht.




-‘Lucky Corner’ Zoete-Broodjes presents Never-Everland, audio-sculpture, Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam.

-‘Psychodelicatessen’, two hour electro-acoustic, UHF, life noise-radio set, Radio Patapoe, Amsterdam.




-‘Kamer/Room#1’, interactive audio-visual installation, Zoete-Broodjes, My Friends no2, Amsterdam.

-‘Der Golem’, Salon Unmuted nr07, New Sound to Silent Films, ‘Der Golem wie er in die welt kam’ (with Seamus Cater) Goethe-Institute Amsterdam, Amsterdam.

-‘Loud and excessive Noise’, electro-acousic noise performance, The Beehive Experiment/OT301, Amsterdam.




-‘Canadia: Land of Myth and Media’, electroacoustic performance after drawn score based on group of seven Canadian landscape painters (with Brian McKenna, Seamus Cater) Mediamatic-PostCS, Amsterdam.

-‘Notenkraker’ improvised noise performance, Hallo Gallo, OCCII, Amsterdam.

-‘MAVO’ Zoete-Broodjes presents, group show, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam.

-‘Post Digital Festival’ electro-acoustic audio-visual performance, DNK- Amsterdam/Smart Project Space, Amsterdam.

-‘Tuning#3’ electro-acoustic audio-visual performance, TRY Tone, Zaal 100, Amsterdam.




-‘Tuning#1’ audio-visual performance, Mobile-Institute Noailles, Brussels, Belgium.

-‘Tuning#2’ audiovisual performance, DNK-Amsterdam, OT301 Amsterdam.



-‘Nature and Incapability’ performance, Mediamatic  salon CS, Amsterdam.